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Layout Assistance

Free layout services from Palmer.

Do you know Palmer offers free store layouts?

We're experts in the business of creating fixture plans that have great sales potential. We offer a no cost, no obligation design service that will lay out an entire store and provide you with a complete packaged proposal.

Can't wait to get started on your new store?

It's easy – just supply us with the square footage and "footprint" of your store space indicating the location of immovable objects such as walls, windows, doors, columns etc. Next, review our catalog and make a list of the fixtures you want in your store. Email or fax us this information along with your contact details and we can begin.

How much does Palmer’s design service cost?

That's the best part. Store design is a free, no obligation service. At Palmer Promotional Products we strive hard to make setting up a new store or an existing location as easy and painless for our customers as possible.
Contact us today and let us show you your store’s true potential.

With our free layout assistance, you get:

  1. A dedicated professional designer to work with
  2. Free 3D renderings of your stores layout
  3. No obligation to purchase

Have a customer service question?

Contact us by phone (586) 772-4225 or Email: metroorders@palmerpromos.com